Security System Scam Expose

Don’t buy a Security System till you read this!

Buyer Beware, when your looking for a Security System and a Security System provider, if the prospective Security Provider is not truthful in their presentations, advertising and what they tell you, then how could you trust them to protect you, your family, business or property? Now listen, don’t be fooled, conned or ripped off by those so-called security systems that others claim to be free, cheap or whatever, which are being offered and advertised all over the country!  

In a nut shell, this is what their selling, they wire (2) doors and (1) motion detector, that’s it, nothing more nothing less! Hello , Free, Cheap and inferior security systems equate to ‘False Alarms”, shoddy workmanship, improper equipment, little or no protection, poor safety, degraded integrity and supervision!

No reasonable person would conclude this is a valid system! 

Security System Scam Expose

Look, I just know, that a reasonable person couldn’t possibly conclude, that 2-Doors and a Motion Detector can really be considered a valid Security System. Seriously, Security System selection is not a joking matter, it is ridiculous to think, that a free or cheap system can properly protect you and your family!  It is also incomprehensible, that when consumers are deciding to protect their families and themselves, that they would even consider exploring the “Cheap Skate, Tight Wad and Security Gimmick” scene.

I know most people like to shop for and cut a ‘GOOD’ deal, but let’s get real, most people will pay $300- $1000 to put a ‘good’ Security System in THEIR CAR and then ‘some’ people turn around and shop to find a ‘FREE’ or ‘CHEAP’ Home or Business Security System that’s supposed to protect their lives, their families, their home, business and probably everything that they own?   

What Value do you place on your Safety?

Security System Scam Expose

False alarms are also caused by shoddy workmanship, lack of installation and programming experience, poor quality components, used or inferior equipment, wrong equipment for the job, poor system design, low product life expectancy, haphazard & sloppy installations, improper location selection, poor alignment, poor installation of components or the failure of the installing company to teach the customer how to properly operate the new security system. 

Installed by Rookies or Confused underpaid installers!

Security System Scam Expose

False alarms are caused by confused, under paid installers, hiring inexperienced kids that have no electronic training at all, and installers being pushed to their max by having to install 5-6 systems per day, just to make ends meet. When the system is a cheapo or a freebee,  you don’t have to be a financial genius to see that there just is not enough of time, money or equipment to do the job properly, hence false alarms, shoddy installations and systems that just don’t work when they are really needed! 

Listen, there are numerous components that will be installed in a properly designed security alarm system that must be programmed, tested, retested and aligned. And after all of the components are installed and the system is properly programmed, then all of the signals have to be transmitted (uploaded) to the Central Processing Station, processed, checked and confirmed with the Central Monitoring Station, to ensure that everything is OK and that everyone is on the same page and in sync.

If you have any math sense, you will see that these cheapo systems allow an average of 1.3 to 1.7 hours to drive to your home, determine the location for the components, install the so-called system, program it, test it, check the Central Station signals, instruct you on how to properly use the system, clean up the mess, do the paper work and say good-bye!  All this in about 90 minutes? Come on … Give me a break! It is ludicrous to think that someone can do all that properly, in the allocated time, and would be willing to work for close to nothing, would you?

So, What’s the Gimmick? It’s only a worthless ‘ILLUSION” 

Security System Scam Expose

It’s simple; the gimmick is that the cheapo system has a real value of only $50 to $100 depending on the offer that is presented to you. You must enter into a 3 to 5-year contract at $30 to $40 dollars per month, that comes to $1080.00 – $2400.00 over the life of the contract, that you will pay for the next to worthless security system, a system that by any standard or stretch of your imagination is the bottom of the barrel. The real gimmick is that it is a PERCEPTION, an ILLUSION of a real Security System!  You know, something like what David Copperfield does on TV.

So, what appeared to be free or cheap is really an Illusion, it will cost you between $1100.00 and $2400.00 for a virtually worthless security system (an ILLUSION) So, how is that for deception? Is that the kind of people you want to deal with when it comes to trusting them with your life, safety, security and well being? I really don’t think so!

Worthless for a home, meant for a one room apartment! 

Security System Scam Expose

You are probably wondering why I would say that this type of system is worthless?  Well because the cheapo security system is covering just 2 openings in your home or business, what about the other 15 – 25 openings in your home or business such as, all of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dinning room, family room, foyer, office, hallway, stairway, storage areas, closet and basement windows.

How about the basement door, garage door, side or rear door, common hallway door, or any other opening or door? Look you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know which 2 openings that the cheapo security companies are going to secure, I’ll give you a guess . . ..  Yep that’s right, the FRONT and BACK DOORS. Do you actually think that just ONE well placed cheapo motion detector can cover all the OTHER openings?    NO WAY!

Which ‘Opening’ would you choose! 

Security System Scam Expose

If you could think like a crook, where do you think they would enter? You can bet it won’t be the FRONT or BACK doors!  Do you think that maybe, uh. . lets see..  it might be one of the other 15 – 25 UNSECURED OPENINGS? Did you know that the Cheapo systems and their installing companies also do not want to receive any signals from your account so they can maximize their profits, they just want your monthly payments, like 36 to 60 of them. You are generally allowed no more than 3 signals a month if that, and then you are penalized for any more. The cheapo systems don’t track timer tests for system or phone line failure, system tampering, low battery, AC Power failure, bypasses, tampering, panic, CPU evaluation checks, signal restorals, opens, closings etc.

Try to contact the CHEAPO COMPANY at 4 AM in the morning! 

Security System Scam Expose

And here’s the real kicker, TRY to get a hold of the installing company at 4:00am in the morning, to ask them how to, or why You can’t shut your cheapo system off, the siren is blaring, its driving you and your neighbors NUTS! Or how about if you forget your keypad code.

Well, Surprise – Surprise!  This is the typical cheapo installing dealer’s phone announcement . . . . ‘ Hello there, this is the Cheapo Security Company and guess what, we are closed and no one is in the office to help you at this time! (Were probably home sleeping), at the TONE, you may leave your message and (Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah!) Look, this is the real thing, this is not a joke! When you talk to these cheapo companies, ask them who will help you at 4am in the morning, holidays, and weekends, ask them what the penalties are for excessive signals, do they track timer tests, (how often) low battery, AC Power failure and all opens and closes, ask them how they deal with all of the other unprotected openings in your home/business.

Don’t MAKE the MISTAKE! 

Security System Scam Expose

Most people that make the mistake and purchase the cheap, free or prostituted system, wind up being very unhappy, and after they figure out they made a mistake, they begin the process of trying to cancel their contract which is (3-5 years), and if successful, they eventually purchase a quality security system at a reasonable price and from an ethical, honest, and professional Security Alarm Dealer. Look, so why not spare your self the unnecessary anguish,  Make the right decision, right from the start?  

The Choice is yours! 

Security System Scam Expose

You can buy into all that prostituted baloney, or take the advice of a reputable company that has leveled with you and has presented the honest to goodness FACTS!  I submit this advice and exposé in the interest of educating the general public, so that they may better protect themselves, their families and property, it is for your SAFETY!

I have spent my whole life in electronics; I am a National Certified Electronic Technician (CET) with more than ’60’ years of Electronic Excellence. All of us at Security Alarm Data Corp. continue to pursue and upgrade our level of knowledge and expertise in ‘electronics’ and the security industry. The tragedy is that the greedy, money hungry, unconscionable national giants, and others that follow their lead, have seen an opportunity to rake in billions, take advantage of, and intentionally confuse and deceive the general public, by selling perceptions and illusions, they don’t really care about your safety or your families, their practice insults a honest mans sensibilities and demeans the entire security industry!

The NATIONAL GIANTS are the worst offenders, can you imagine that the cheapo systems either, don’t perform timer tests, and if they do it is only once a month? How would you like to wait 31 days to find out that your security system hasn’t worked for the last 30 days? Do you understand the importance of this test, it is imperative that this test be performed at least once per day, it’s for YOUR SAFETY! 

The National Jokers have no CONSCIENCE! 

Security System Scam Expose

The National Giants have lost their conscience by prostituting their names and professional ethical standards, in their obsessive desire and relentless quest for more acquisitions, mergers, outsourcing, downsizing and maximizing profits.  Their primary concern is simply destroying the competition, relieving you of your money, improving their profits and bottom line, they are not concerned about your safety in this process, and this is done on the pretense of offering the general public a ‘great deal’ on worthless security systems (illusions) that are free or cheap. 

We are a LOCAL SECURITY COMPANY located in Parma, Ohio

Security System Scam Expose

If you want to be respected, pampered and treated like you deserve to be treated, then Call SADC, we charge a fair price for our systems and we professionally and neatly install excellent electronic Security Systems based on over 60 years of Electronic Excellence! We really do take the time to teach you and your family how to properly use your new security system and to assure you that ‘OUR SYSTEMS DON’T FALSE ALARM, WE GUARANTEE IT!’ All of our systems are controlled by our own 24 Hr. Central Monitoring Station, to provide remote control emergency service, programming and direct live operator intervention and technician assistance, 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year.

In the real world, you only get what you pay for! 

Security System Scam Expose

If you really care about your personal safety, your families, your property or business, then use your head and remember, in the ‘REAL WORLD’ you only get what you PAY for!  What you are sacrificing by purchasing a cheap or free system is your safety, your family’s safety, your property or business.

Don’t upset your neighborhood tranquility by having, unnecessary commotion, sirens and Police responding to your home or business for no valid reason, or destroying the peaceful relationships with your neighbors or the local authorities!

False alarms are a waste of valuable city time and resources, plus False alarms are a nuisance, annoying and aggravate people! False alarms needlessly place all responding parties (Police – Fire – Motorists – Yourself) at risk, just because someone elected to try a cheap or free security system!



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